Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mind the Buzzcocks

Recently I went to see the Buzzcocks play at the Opera House. These legends aren't getting any younger so I thought I would take this opportunity to see them. I'm not a die hard fan or anything but many of their songs are in high rotation on my iPod . I was super exhausted since I had just got back from a trip to New York, worked all day and headed straight to the show after a twenty minute disco nap. They were so good that I forgot about being exhausted and danced to their entire set which luckily included some of their best work from their first two albums. Pete Shelley sounded amazing although his vocals could have been louder...but that's the sound guys problem and not Pete's! The only real disappointing thing about seeing the Buzzcocks was the audience. I wish Torontonians would forget about looking cool and just let loose a little. I don't understand the hand in pocket, head bobbing stance that most of us take even when watching our favourite bands. How can you possibly stand still during a song like this: