Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rock The Bells

I finally got to visit New York for non-work related purposes and I could not have picked a better time - Rock the Bells was taking place! When I was nine years old I discovered Snoop Doggy Dogg (now known as 'Snoop Dogg' pffft) and his Dogg Pound. I fell in love and played the album Doggystyle over and over again. To this day I can rap along to every word on every song. Getting to see this album played in its entirety was an amazing experience. I actually contemplated missing the show due to some unfortunate circumstances but I'm so glad that I went. Even my mom said I would be insane to miss Snoop! She remembers me rocking that tape until it practically broke. A Tribe Called Quest was also mind blowing. When they did Scenario (a song I blogged about earlier) and Busta Rhymes came on stage to do his legendary verse, I almost fainted. Despite having such an amazing time, I now feel a little sad and nostalgic because A) Hip Hop has taken a turn for the worse and B) I'm not nine years old anymore. Oh if I could only go back to the good 'ol days - something my nine year old self could never imagine saying!

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